Eat Pray Love? How About: Pray For A Non-Rabid Monkey Bite

Disclaimer:  The Ubud Monkey Forest is a great place to visit.  Just be safe and smart!

Temple in Bali, Indonesia

Sometimes, all anybody needs is a little tropical relaxation.  With the snow storm that just hit the East Coast, I can’t seem to keep my mind off Bali.

The magical little island in Indonesia is a place of dreams.  White sand beaches, beautiful blue waters, stretches of rice paddies, and as much seafood and Thai Young Coconut as you could possibly devour.  HEAVEN.

Usually our family visits Bali purely for relaxation, but every once and a while we will leave the comfort of a beachside hotel to do some exploring.  Ever watched Eat Pray Love?  Yeah, well, remember when she visits the Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali?  Just a warning, Hollywood highly romanticized it.  In contrast to the tame, easy-going monkeys filmed in the movie, our first step into the monkey-infested forest consisted of a blood-curdling scream.

Monkey Forest, Ubud, Indonesia

As we turned towards the commotion, a women had just violently shaken a monkey off her leg after it LITERALLY BIT HER ON THE BUTT and drew blood.  Fortunately, the blood-thirsty, vicious monkey was fought off and the park authorities called for medical help.  My dad muttered something under his breath about a recent outbreak of rabies in Bali and then raised his voice to make sure neither my mom nor I had food in our pockets.


Terraced Rice Patty, Bali, Indonesia

After disposing of any and all items that could potentially attract monkeys, we proceeded into the dark forest. There were hundreds of monkeys.  Everwhere.  They weren’t afraid of people either.  They hissed and barked (or whatever sound monkeys make) and climbed up the legs of anyone who carried something interesting.

We made it safely out of the Ubud Monkey Forest free from any butt bites (thankfully).